WHY SUPPORT The Visibility Project?
In its inaugural year, The Visibility Project operates as an independent organization and we hope to continue this journey under the same status.

This initiative is much more than an encyclopedia or a data bank. Creating connections between users with the mutual goal of equal and authentic representation, solidarity and fulfillment from the media we consume is our ideal.

That cannot be accomplished without community support, your support.

Consistent visitation, engagement and monetary support will mean the difference between continued visibility and the alternative that we all fight in our everyday lives – remaining in the margins.

For more information on how you can support The Visibility Project please contact us at info@TheVisibilityProject.com


There are always a number of ways to support any online medium or outlet such as The ViP.

Some of those include:

  • Consistent visitation
  • Checking out ads around the site
  • Engagement with the site (leaving comments & sharing content)
  • Monetary support • Donate HERE

We’re so glad you asked!

Contrary to popular belief there is always cost associated with running and operating an online medium such as The ViP and those costs increase as the quality and caliber of the medium does.

Our goal is to continue operating at a high caliber by delivering high quality content in a timely manner all while keeping readers engaged in the ongoing discussions on visibility, representation, diversity and other related topics. As such a few of our costs are listed below.

  • Staff: Even though our core staff (EIC, Managing Editor, Senior Editors, etc.) currently work for free (we believe in this project just that much), we recognize that our writers and contributors deserve to be compensated for their art, talents, hard work and long hours. We currently have a staff of 15 awesome young people of color!
  • Site Maintenance: The cost of web hosting, web development and general site maintenance is continual and grows as we grow. These fees recur monthly, quarterly and annually and are an absolute must to keep The Visibility Project running.
  • Logistics: These include traveling expenses or compensation for our writers, videographers and photographers to go out and conduct interviews and cover events that will eventually be featured on TheVisibilityProject.com
  • Ice Cream & Sprinkles: Not actual ice cream and sprinkles. Just the extra tidbits that keep The ViP running smoothly and growing: professional apps, plugins, software and programs we use for business.