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Thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring a #VoyageThroughTime!

A contribution of any size is welcome (every coin counts). Below are a several no-fee options for donating. (Don’t forget to hit the submit button once you choose your donation method.)

Login to your PayPal account and use the “friends family” option to send your donation to blackarts@thevisibilityproject.com to avoid fees.

–> If you do not have a PayPal account, the following options are also available:

web: http://venmo.com/TheViPCollective
mobile app: @TheViPCollective

web: https://cash.me/$TheViPCollective
mobile app: $TheViPCollective

PayPal (no PayPal acct req’d): http://tlrd.co/sponsorblackarts

Your donation is tax deductible, if you need a receipt please send an email with the subject: TAX DEDUCTIBLE RECEIPT to blackarts@thevisibilityproject.com

If you have general questions about sponsorship or simply want to confirm that your donation has been received, please contact our sponsorship liaison: brandon@thevisibilityproject.com

On behalf of everyone on the team making this initiative happen and everyone able to see Black Panther or A Wrinkle In Time because of sponsors like you, Thank You!

How do I apply for a Voyage Through Time (tickets to see A Wrinkle In Time)?
Simply fill out this form. You can apply for up to two tickets if you plan to see “A Wrinkle In Time” opening weekend or within the first week of release. We’ll send your tickets directly to the email address you provide on the form once funds become available for your sponsorship.

How do I sponsor someone’s Voyage Through Time?
First of all, thanks a ton for making this initiative possible. Second, please fill out this form to let us know that you’re putting extra in the collection plate to sponsor someone’s voyage and follow the links at the end of the form to complete your donation.

But what about other Black cinematic masterpieces?
We started with “Black Panther” and thanks to about 250 sponsors we were able to offer more than 300 passports to Wakanda!
This is just the beginning of our quest to lessen the burden of representation and make Black art accessible to all of us regardless of economic status.

After “A Wrinkle In Time” we’ll continue this initiative throughout 2018 for other films helmed by Black creatives. We all know the power of Black dollars and showing up for our own; let’s show Ava DuVernay and the “A Wrinkle In Time” the same love and support at the box office that we showed the cast and crew of “Black Panther.

Why is this so important?
Maybe you’ve seen the posts shaming those who dared to consider bootlegging one of the most anticipated films of our time (Black Panther); you felt the twinge of internal conflict because you know the burden of representation means the success of the first Black superhero film is make or break but a trip to Wakanda could break the bank.

We get it. We all know the pain of having to choose between rent and the consumption of empowering and socially innovative entertainment– a form of escapism for some, self-care for others. And we believe that economic status should not prevent folks from participating in culture in this way. All Black people, regardless of income, deserve to see ourselves visually represented in ways that are affirmed with dignity.


Thank You to The Sponsors

who’ve provided nearly 300Passports to Wakanda counting!

Maya Hills

Angela Smith

Brittany Willis

Lauren Logsdon

Caitlin Kortuem

Nida Ahmad:
Wakandan ally :)

Lora Rosenberg

Shaela Dennis

Kaela Holm

Yolonda Bishop:
Wakanda Forever

Jen Gillen-Goldstein:
For Black Panther tickets! ✊🏾

Jessica Bockelman

Laura Jablonski:
Wakanda Forever! Enjoy the film. :) my best, Peggy J.

Carrie Schaffner:
Enjoy the show! I don’t tend to see movies in theaters, but I want to make sure to support this one. :)

Anthony Luciano:
This is awesome, thanks y’all!

Daniel Granneman

Courtney Kerley:
Enjoy your movie! :) Cheers, from Wren Chanticleer

Kathryn Barnett

Paul Starfire

Lydia Johnson:
Enjoy the movie!!

Sarah Ross

E Lambe

Brandon Howard

Erin Lindsey:
Thanks so much for organizing this!!

Caitlin Parker

Jenny C Hoffmann

Anna Ferrell

Courtney Toder

Jamie Graham

Alison Ryland

Roxanne May:
Made in the name of my best friend and the most beautiful woman in the world: Zyra Lee Vanity.

Adam Whiting:
Wakanda forever!

Sarah Plissner

Kathleen Mahon:
enjoy wakanda!

Heather’s Lettering

Cari Small-Canfield

Jessica Glover

Robin Carlisle

Ginger Conrad

Jennifer Tinch:
For Wakanda

Joel Brackenbury

Chris Brinkley

Jonathan Schwellinger

Emily LeViness

Julika Heinz:
Wakanda first!

Mary Gulbrandson:
Sponsoring tickets for the Black Panther movie! Cheers!

Johanna Heil

William Smith

MJ Black

Rafael Young:
From a wheelchair using dude in Manchester UK

Meghan Liddy:
With love from Ghana!

Erica Schaffer

Shayna Wooldridge

Margaret Trapani:
I already saw Black Panther yesterday. My tickets were a birthday gift, so here’s what I would have paid out of pocket so that I can sponsor someone’s ticket. Send them to see T’Challa, King of Wakanda! #WakandaForever

Haley Friedmann

Margaret Cassetto:
Support for #PassportToWakanda

Esther Redhouse White

Steve Angel:
Send some folks to Black Panther. The movie needs to blow up as big as it can.

Kristy Hogue

Morgan Raspanti

Michael Kingsbaker

Joanna Gurin

Katherine Welch

Sharde Hendrix

CH Beavers

Melissa Anthony

Julica Hermann Coach:

Darrick Jackson:

Mellonece Pitts:
I think it’s amazing what this group is doing. #RepresentationMatters

Ezra Petrillo

Alison Koch

Bonnie Bounds

Julie Fricker

Victoria Podmajersky

Ann Taylor

Deborah Hopkins

Freethoughtsblogs LLC

Alyson Shapiro

Novel Books Etc:
Sponsoring a #PassportToWakanda

Samantha Roman:
Wakanda Forever

Morgan Mackenzie:
Have a wonderful visit in Wakanda!

Acid Rat Dreamers Etsy

Kristopher Skelton

Briana Stewart

Quinn Cobb

Emily M. Wright-Timko

Amber Wait

Desra Dickerson

Other Side of the Mountain

Sophie Miles

Cindy Lee Morgan:
Stay woke!

David Hall:
Black stories matter because black lives matter. Given in honor of Jennifer, Elijah, and Knigeria.

Kate Davis:
Best wishes for your trip!

Kelly Weingart

Elizabeth Poulette

Kailey Buehring

Lindsey Cepak:
Get those people to Wakanda! Wakanda Forever!

Larissa Williams:
It’s important. Thank you!

Jesse Hunnicutt:
kick ass

Veniamina R Diky

Kim Novak:
For tickets to send someone to black panther

Catherine Martin

Laura Britton:
Wakanda forever!

April Wojewoda:
I LOVED Black Panther and I hope whoever gets to go enjoys it too!

Edward Olds:
Passport to Wakanda

Shriya Hari:
Dear Black Arts Visibility Project, I saw the movie a few nights ago with close friends. Low income Black youth in particular deserve to see this film, to let their imagination and spirits travel to Wakanda, so thank you so much for doing this work. As a South Asian woman, I feel happy I can support this amazing endeavour in some small way.

Angela Cicatelli:
Wakanda Forever!

Daniel Moore

Sheri Simpson

Margaret Lyman:
Wakanda 4ever!

Daryl Lee

Michelle OHalloran:
For #PassportToWakanda

Greg Szyper:
Sponsorship for 1 gift card to see Black Panther on opening week

Amelia Garmaise

Kaerla Fellows

Joseph Bishop

Madeline Chenevert

Alexandra Briggs:
Wakanda Forever!

Catherine Pennington:
Because representation matters and everyone should see this amazing film.

Zoe Hartland

Glenda Andre

Roxana Condon

Alayna Barnett:
To send someone to see Black Panther or A Wrinkle In Time!

N A van Albada:

Rebecca Spatter:
Everyone needs to see this movie. Wakanda Forever :D

Sarah McEwen

Daniel Hardy

Jennifer Atyeo:
Passport to Wakanda

Willow Carter

Julia Melnick

Matthew Wall:

Abigail Cheng:
Your cause is so important to me, and what a fun way to support black excellence and representation!

Rosa Rada:
For trip to Wakanda

Arielle Newton

Chris Holland:
WAKANDA 🙅🏽‍♂️✊🏼❤️🖤💚

Kirsten Sanchez

Michaela Hendricks

Lindsay Griffin

Samuel Barbash-Riley

Danielle Wright

Rowan Stringer

Andrew Cheadle

William Watkins

Baba Akili

Wakanda Forever!


Ishani Dugar

Jeremy Varner

Scott Cherry

Sarah Anderson:

Imani Palmer

Noir et Blanc Productions

Denise Roberts

Natasha Sinha

Michaela Stone

Chelsea Bell Stahl

Laura Lasko

Rebecca Zeidman

Denise Hughes

Chelsea Walsh

Rachael Lisius

Morgan McGuire

Maryam Salassi

Celine Sannes-Pond

Ben Trigg

Nora Canty

Anne Shearer

Victoria Harrod

Linday Griffin

Claire Sheridan:
Sending love from the UK xo

Lori Stelma:
Wakanda Forever!

Kia Williams

Noël Lemen

Zephyrine Press:
thank you for organizing this program!

Sandra Knoy

Eric Proctor

Sydney Papa

Elias Mason

John Glynn:
One (or more depending on the theater of course) passport to Wakanda!

Shannon Ferreira:
Black Panther is the coolest Marvel movie to date, and so important on so many social justice fronts. I hope whoever gets to see it with this money enjoys it as much as I did.

Mike Clemenhagen

Rafael Suarez

Danielle Perez:
you are doing wonderful work and i am so happy to support you

Gray Fraser

Karl Avanzado:
Wakanda Forever!

Elisabeth Lund

Danielle Watson

Caroline McClave:
Wakanda Forever

Sabrina Hall

Lisa Carman

Rose Blank

Jill Van Gyn

Tenysa Santiago:
Thank you for this! Only wish I’d seen it sooner.

Kathleen Reynolds:
“Enjoy the trip.”

Margaret White

Airam Jimenez:
“Wakanda Forever!!”

Kathryn McGrath

Kristine Gjerlow

Kenzie Cochrane

Fern Mei Sim:
”Wakanda Forever! Enjoy this movie in all it’s Black Excellence!”

Matthew Kovich:
“Enjoy! Best Marvel movie ever!”

Anna Chaney:
“Wakanda Forever!”

Vivian Lim:
“So more people can see Black Panther”

Shelby Ostrom:
“Good luck and thank you for all of the work that you are doing! Can’t wait for a young (person) to see this incredible movie!”

Allison Smith

Priya Penner:
”Wakanda Forever”

Sasha Kuczynski

Rebecca Laberge:
“Sponsored trip to Wakanda”

Elizabeth Rosenberg:
“I hope you enjoy Black Panther”

Kaedyn Kashmir:
“Im sorry I can’t donate more, but hopefully they will enjoy their trip to Wakanda”

Shayln Savell

Hannah Roberts

Sara Collison:
“Passport to Wakanda”

Chelsea Cahill

Nikki Ballou

Frey Fyfe

Erika Amir

Ruby Western:
“Thank you for creating this network”

Nora Consigliere

Nicolle Herzog:
”Wakanda Forever!”

Johanna Baumann

Ashley Colleary

R.E. Robertson:
“Passport to Wakanda”

Christina Lackey

Judy Berger:
”Passport to Wakanda”

Brian Thompson:
“Gift to sponsor people who want to see Black Panther”

Emily Smith:

Julie Wagner

Janna El-Daly

Lindsey Bard:
”We all need to visit Wakanda”

Paige Moore:
“Thanks for Coordinating this”

Ilana Leah LLC

Amanda Jaquays

Laura Kaeding:
“Enjoy Wakanda!”

Mallery Koons:
“A Gift From Austrailia”

Rebecca Guo

Alesha Walker

Ashley Santacroce

Benjamin Lundberg

Matt Berenbaum

Kathryn Kehrer

Logan-Halle Wyatt

Kelsie Hale

Genna Cherichello

Julia Orlofski

Jessica Dinis

Lily Joslin

Noah Reyes

Kelsie Hale

Marilee Zafariour:
Wakanda Forever!

Tara Hammond


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